Seattle Acoustic Festival Spotlight #6

Tekla Waterfield

Tekla was born for music. Her father was an opera singer in college, her mom a master of the strings (cell, guitar, violin) and sang. Growing up, she and her sister were always out at parties and shows to see their mother’s various bands – which quickly taught them how to harmonize. As an avid writer and lover of music, songwriting was a natural transition as she became more involved with music.

Influenced by the likes of Gillian Welch, Wilco, Phosphorescent, Courtney Barnett, The Velvet Underground, and the live music scene, she delivers an uncanny blend of indie, Americana, folk, and soul. As her songwriting has evolved, her lyrical content has expanded beyond relationships and emotions, encompassing the greater human experience.

After she wows you at today’s Seattle Acoustic Festival performance – 8:30pm on the Sanctuary stage – be sure to mark your calendar for October 11th where she’ll be playing the Tractor Tavern to celebrate the vinyl release of her new album “The Curtain Falls”.

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Seattle Acoustic Festival Spotlight #5

Warren Dunes feat. Julia Massey

Ever since college, Julia Massey has been honing her songwriting craft. Inspired by the records of Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones (Thriller), and Joni Mitchell (Blue), her songwriting explores the current political/environmental landscape to the mysteries of nature and the cosmos.

Formed in May 2017, Warren Dunes featuring Julia Massey combines the songwriting prowess of Julia and her partner / songwriting collaborator Jared to deliver heartfelt, Calypso-inspired songs about how to be human. What excites them about the Seattle Acoustic Festival is the rarity of a festival setting that features acoustic music and “the intimacy that these kinds of sets offer on a larger scale”.

Their new single “What Did You Find Out” is coming soon, so keep your ears to the ground. You just may be able to catch a sneak peak during their set Friday, August 24th at 8:30pm on the Sanctuary Stage. We’ll see you there.

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Website | SoundCloud | YouTube

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Seattle Acoustic Festival Spotlight #1

Devin Sinha 

This seasoned songwriter got his start with music in the first grade when his parents signed him up for piano lessons (who can relate?). Hailing from the Midwest, Devin delivers a mixture of contemporary folk and indie rock with elegant instrumentation and lyricism.

He burst onto the Seattle scene in 2014 with the first of his three studio albums, The Seventh Season, and performed at the inaugural Seattle Acoustic Festival (which he’s played every year since)! He noted the SAF “always feels like a reunion to see all our friends in the music community”. Be sure to check out his set Saturday, August 25th at 3:30pm on the Sanctuary Stage at Seattle Acoustic Festival 2018 5th Annual.

Can’t wait that long? We’ve got you covered. He’s performing at Marymoor Park July 28th for Angry Orchard Rock the Roots: Seattle, WA, and headlining Barboza August 9th.

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Devin’s Website | Spotify iTunesYouTube

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