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The Masquerade

Band :
Title : The Masquerade
Release Date : August 18, 2017
Catalog ref. : 2
Format : CD
  1. Masquerade
  2. Outta My League
  3. Missed My Shot
  4. She's Gonna Use Me
  5. S.F. Woman
  6. Moonlight Swing
  7. Silent Killer
  8. Break Free
  9. The Other Side
  10. On the Run
  11. So Far Away

“The Masquerade” is Deify’s second full-length album, featuring “Moonlight Swing“. After the departure of the band’s bassist (one of three brothers), Deify went on a two-year hiatus to focus on writing and reinventing the band’s sound. The product was a shift toward a more blues-based hard rock approach. “The Masquerade” consists of 11 original songs, including three re-imagined renditions of prior recordings from “Between the Lines” (Outta My League, Break Free, and The Other Side).