Seattle Acoustic Festival Spotlight #4

Sunflower Sutra

This band has quite the story of perseverance. Originally formed in 2002, visa issues caused one member to leave the country. 12 years went by before they got him back (2016), but they’ve been playing ever since.

Their eclectic sound is derived primarily from 60s and 70s rock and roll, often with a dash of jazz, R&B, and/or classic country. From Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, to Grateful Dead and Steely Dan – if you’re musical interests lie in this spectrum, they’ve got something for you!

At the SAF, you’ll get the privilege of newly arranged songs to translate the band’s electric (rock) tracks into an acoustic setting. Their live set will be unlike any other – as Sunflower Sutra is a very visual band. With live dancers and painters, they bring a festival-like atmosphere regardless of the set-type or venue.

You certainly won’t want to miss them – Saturday August 25th, they’re closing out the Sanctuary stage at 10:30pm sharp.

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Website | Bandcamp | YouTube

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