Episode 4: Antoine Martel

McGill University was far from the beginning for this talented musician / producer. Since founding his first band in high school nearly 10 years ago, he has been an active part of more than 8 projects – 4 of which are currently active. From pop and jazz to funk fusion, this man rocks the guitar, keyboards, sings, and “half decently shakes a shaker” for bands based in both Seattle and Japan. Say hello to a truly international musician, Antoine Martel.

We discuss everything from how learning classical piano, his time at McGill University, becoming a guitar teacher, his return to Seattle, and how he got involved in a band based out of Japan.

His personal website www.antoinemartelmusic.com has a fairly comprehensive list of his active projects:  Dentaru no Tsuba, High Pulp, Sous Chef, and Sunking.

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